Payment via Paypal. 
This is secure and safe payment system by PAYPAL. 

For your payment, Click the below image and it will leads to another new pop up screen for your payment.

  1. You can pay without paypal account. ( In next screen, you can choose “Pay with Debit or Credit card” button instead of login to Paypal.
  2. You can pay by using your paypal account if you have it.
  1. Click above image, then fill up the AMOUNT ( US $ ), and click “Continue” button.
  2. Non paypal user – click “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button, and follow the rest of input.
    Paypal user – you can login to your paypal account for the payment.

If you have a payment problem for using your major credit cards, be sure your credit card limitation and allowance to use it for the overseas payment via internet. Call your local bank or credit card company to make sure it for overseas internet payment allowance and limitation.