Farewell sympathy flowers delivered by hand to Korean funeral home within 6~ 8 hours. We are Korea local flower shop company in Korea, so you can order here for the Korean funeral flower arrangement now.  한국 장례 화환 서비스

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October 22, 2020 5:01 am
You can write here for 1 line of ribbon message. Your message will print on the ribbon as sympathy message on the flower.
7 x 24 x 365 service. 4-6 hours to deliver the funeral flower to funeral home. Date & time is very sensitive and crucial for this funeral flower service.
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Farewell sympathy flowers delivered by hand to Korean funeral home within 6~ 8 hours. We are Korea local flower shop company in Korea, so you can order here for the Korean funeral flower arrangement now.  한국 장례 화환 서비스


This funeral flower is the correct and popular style of the Korean funeral flower. We can deliver this Korea standard type of farewell flower anywhere in Gwangju.
Our service is focusing on Korean funeral flower arrangement, Funeral flower quick delivery service to anywhere in Gwangju.
All Farewell sympathy flowers delivered by hand to a Gwangju funeral home within 6 ~ 8 hours in Gwangju.

We are Gwangju local flower shop company in Gwangju. You can order here for the Korean funeral flower arrangement now.
Order us for quick sending flowers to the funeral home in Gwangju.

Our mission for this funeral flower to Gwangju ( 광주 장례식장 꽃 배달 ) are

  1. condolences flower arrangement to Gwangju anywhere.
  2. Korean condolences & sympathy flower quick delivery service.
  3. Funeral sprays delivery service to Gwangju’s funeral home.

Our delivery service coverage area in Korea is not limited to Korea, but also covering most of the major cities in Korea such as Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Daejeon, Daegu, Ulsan, Jeju, Gwangju, Pohang, Suwon, Changwon, Goyang, Yongin, Seongnam, Bucheon, Cheongju, Hwasung, Namyangju, Sejong and all other cities in South Korea.

How to order funeral wreath to Gwangju?

Korean funeral period is three days from the date of death for most of the cases. It is taking two nights period for the funeral.
Korean citizens are sending funeral flowers when they heard the notice of pass away.

It needs to place an order now asap because the funeral days are just two days only from the date of pass away in Gwangju, so funeral flowers should ask to deliver urgently to meet the timeline before finishing the funeral days.

If your request is over the date of the funeral period, then it is meaningless to deliver the funeral flowers to a funeral home or location because the funeral home is using by other people.

So, time and date are crucial to delivering funeral flowers on time at the exact location to be delivered.

Flowers delivery service in Gwangju
Funeral flowers can deliver to the funeral home, funeral hospital, or the place of the funeral hall.
We deliver flowers everywhere in Gwangju. We had established all of Korea flower distribution networks across all cities in Korea. There are more than 1500 flower shops across Korea nationwide. So, we can deliver these funeral flowers rapidly regardless of the location of the funeral home or funeral places in South Korea.

We can do the delivery for your sympathy to the persons in Gwangju if you inform us of the exact name of the funeral home or location or address where to be delivered.

Format and style of Korean funeral flowers in Gwangju
See above all listed funeral flower types, which are common and general funeral flower styles in Gwangju.
These are the most standard funeral flower type in Gwangju. All other types of foreign designed funeral flowers are not familiar with Gwangju.
Funeral flowers are not colorful flowers in Gwangju, but it is mainly white-colored flowers.
It means you should place Korea’s standard type of funeral flower, not any other unfamiliar funeral flower types that are designed by foreign countries.

How to choose the right flower shop in Gwangju?

It is critical for choosing the right Gwangju local flower shop when you order these funerals flowers. If you select out of Korea flower online shop, then they must pass your order to Gwangju local flower shop because they have no local flower shop.
It means the funeral flowers you purchased from out of Korea flower online store is not a popular style of Korean funeral flower. Such an overseas funeral flower is unfamiliar with a Korean funeral flower arrangement.
Choose the Gwangju actual local florist and flower shop, so your order is the right popular funeral type of flowers in Korea.

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How many days for the Korean funeral ceremony?

Korean funeral period is three days maximum ( most of 95% of funeral cases )

General funeral schedule ( almost all funerals in Korea )

Day 1 :
Doctor’s verification of the death of the person. The funeral ceremony will begin by notifying every relative in his/her family,
friends, every neighbor, company colleagues, and so on.
The Chief Mourner of the funeral ceremony is nominating from one of the oldest sons or daughters of a person who passed away.

The deceased Chief Mourner is the representative person to meet every visitor.

Day 2 :
On-going funerals. Any persons can visit the funeral place and meet the Chief Mourner.

Day 3: Funeral ceremony will finish In the morning on this date usually, and death person and family relatives should move to cremation house or burial place to finalize the funeral ceremony.

How we deliver the funeral flowers to the funeral home?

As above the general funeral schedule in Korea, the funeral flower can deliver only until end of day 2 of the funeral ceremony.

Funeral flowers can deliver on day 1 or day 2 as well.

After Day 2, the funeral flower is not good to deliver at the funeral home.

If we found your funeral flower delivery request is late we give it before Day 2 closing, we will call the flower recipient and explain to them funeral flower arrangement. After we do explain to them about the funeral flower delivery, if they want to change another type of flower instead of big funeral flowers, then we will match the flower type according to their amended request on funeral flowers.

Funeral flower replacement by other types of the general flower is very convenient for the funeral family, and it is good to avoid any missing on delivery of the funeral flowers.

It means the funeral flowers may substitute with other general types of flowers by amending from the chief mourner or his family ( in case of delivery requests over the day 2 of funeral dates ).

What are our customer saying about our Korea funeral flower delivery service.

  • Thank you so much for your help Lee. Carolyn has just texted to tell me she received them! Thank you! The flowers are beautiful! I will be in touch again next time I want to send her something!

    Richmond, Australia

    Superrr recommended online flower shop, they only need two hours to completely sent my order after paid and received it well by my business partner in south korea, trusted seller with super rush and urgent services, thank you so much.. Best regards from Indonesia !!!

    Tito Sasmito

    I can’t say enough how awesome these guys are!! they helped me in every way to make my order perfect!! Thank you again!!!

    Robert Foster
    Kingwood, TX United States
  • We ordered flowers to be delivered to our daughter on a military base. They arrived a day early and were absolutely beautiful. The flower shop owner set us a photo of our daughter receiving the flowers. Thank you mr. Lee for your help.

    Mark Fekete
    Danielson, CT, USA

    Lee was very helpful in making sure my order was correct and then delivered on time to our daughter at Camp Hovey! Great customer service, thank you Lee for all of your help!

    Sarah Ward
    Brentwood, CA, United States

    Thank you so much for your patience and willingness to help me. I am extremely grateful.

    Sean Dolan
    WA, United States
  • Thank you so much for your AWESOME service. I will make sure to leave you a great review!!

    R. Brown
    New York, United States

    와 너무 예쁘네요! 어머니가 정말 좋아하세요. 감사합니다!

    BROOKLYN, New York

    Oh it’s absolutely beautiful 🤗 ❤️ thank you thank you so much for everything 🥰🙏🏼💕💕💕💕

    Mahalo Lori
    Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Impressed to deliver the flower from US to Korea. Delivered on-time with fresh flowers. Will place an order next time also.

    California, USA

    Thanks a lot for the confirmation. She is very happy with it.

    Mountain View, CA , USA

    이선생님, 예쁜 꽃바구니 만들어 주시고 오전에 배달해주셔서 감사합니다. 조금전 받았다고 메시지가 왔습니다 아주 예쁘다는 멘트와 함께. 수고 하셨습니다. 프린스턴에서 Princeton, USA

  • Thanks a lot again for the great service! Kind Regards,

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    Good. My girlfriend loves it. Thank you

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    ib cho

    Thanks a lot for confirming delivery. It’s much appreciated. I have also heard from her, the flowers are great! Regards,

    United Kingdom

    Excellent service itself. Fresh flowers and on time delivery. Fully satisfied for the flower delivery service in Korea. Best,

    / New York, USA


* All prices are in US dollars.

1) Payment method : Accept all major credit cards such as VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMX and so on.
2) Credit card payment system provided by paypal

It needs to place an order now asap, because the funeral days are just two days only from the date of pass away in Korea, so funeral flowers should ask to deliver urgently to meet the date before finishing the funeral days.
Farewell sympathy flowers delivered by hand to Korean funeral home within 3~ 8 hours after you ordered it.

We offer FREE personal card message or ribbon services. ( NO extra charge on this message card or ribbon, it is FREE )
The card(ribbon) message is written by any of English, Korean attached on the product.

1. If the recipient decline to take the flower or chooses to reject your gift, we cannot provide any refund or credit.
2. If recipient delivery address is wrong, there is no refund.
( we will call recipient phone number to check the correct address before deliver. ).

3: If we reached to the address where to deliver your gift but we were unable to hand it over to the recipient (wrong address, nobody at delivery address ), there will be no refund in this case. We will left the flower at the address where to deliver and we assume we completed to deliver.

Here are the steps you may escalate your claims ( request a refund or partial credit back )

Step 1 :
Take at least 3 photos (front, back, top views) of the flowers.
Photos should clear that can identify the condition of the flower gift upon receipt.

Step 2 :
Contact us via email with the following information.
Email us all details what you have any evidences of requesting refund.

We will inspect your request and will reply you after our investigation done.

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Andong, Anseong, Anyang, Ansan, Boryeong, Daecheon, Bucheon, Changwon, Cheonan, Chuncheon, Dongducheon, Euijeongbu, Gangneung, Gihung, Gimpo, Gumi, Gunsan, Guri, Gwacheon, Gwangmyeong, Gwangyang ( Kwangyang ), Gyeongju, Goyang, Iksan, Jecheon, Jeonju, Cheongju, Jinhae, Jinju, Masan, Mokpo, Namyangju, Osan , Pyeongtaek, Sacheon, Seongnam, Shiheung, Seogwipo, Sokcho, Suncheon,  Suwon, Uiwang, Wonju, Yeocheon, Yeosu, Yongin, Camp Carroll, Camp Casey, Camp Castle